Allhallowgate Church Halls

Halls for Hire by the Community of Ripon North Yorkshire, UK.

Our Mission

We are part of Allhallowgate Methodist Church in Ripon. We have been here since the late 19th Century and the Church building itself is very much as it was when built. The interior is essentially the same overall shape, although numerous changes have been made to furnishings and decoration.

There would have been only one fairly small hall attached to the church in the early days, but since then at least two renovations have taken place.

The first one enlarged the Halls considerably while the more recent one was designed to make better use of the premises by radically changing the interior to a modern very smart and flexible facility.

We feel that we are now able to reach out to the Community more than ever and as a result we are able to welcome many more people to our premisesas well as using them for many Church related events. Please enquire if you would like further details of any of these events.

           Allhallowgate Methodist Church, RIPON. (Before Halls were renovated)


     Plan view of the Hall refurbishment above.

     Side elevation of Halls (left) and Church (right) is shown below.



     Another view of Allhallowgate Methodist Church, RIPON.

Lettings Secretary       [email protected]





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